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Tribute for Joan Rooke - my mother. This is set to Cavatina by John Williams. It starts and finishes with the holding image that was based on her Order of Service.

Tribute for Sue Stacey - my sister. This is set to two favourite Jimi Hendrix tracks. It starts with the holding image.

Tribute Slideshows


"Dear Steve,

We would like to express our gratitude for how beautifully you conducted the service for Mum.

 It truly was a wonderful celebration of her life on earth and the visual tribute was the icing on the cake.

To share her life in words and pictures made the service so much more personal and I know those pictures brought back many memories for the family.

We most certainly chose the right Celebrant to deliver the sentiments of all those that knew her."



Slideshows are the perfect way to remember and celebrate a loved one’s life. Whether it's a family member or dear friend, 

Digital or printed photographs are used with movements, fades, and music, making the viewing of your cherished pictures a new and poignant experience. Please feel free to view some more of the Slideshows on the Examples page.

There are several ways to produce the slideshow.

I work with two main suppliers of visual media to crematoria, Wesley and Obitus with varying charges.

Both offer a basic slideshow with no edits and a 20 or 25 limit on the number of pictures.

Both offer a 'professionally produced tribute' with a limited number of images.

Both offer the facilty to show a 'family supplied tribute' which is uploaded as a video file.

The death of someone is very hard to cope with and the technical side of producing a slideshow can add more pressure for those involved.

I can produce the family supplied tribute for £65 with more pictures - all I need are the pictures and the choice of music. Your Funeral Director will advise you of the upload costs.

As a guide allow 8 pictures per minute of music.


I will take care of all technical aspects of the production and uploading. Afterwards, you will receive a download of the video to keep and cherish.

Pictures can be sent by email, WhatsApp, SMS or uploaded here.

Having your celebrant produce the slideshow ensures that the tribute will compliment the service for your loved one.

Using the same system, we can include visual tributes from people unable to be at the service. They record their tributes, forward the video and it is uploaded in the same way.

An audio tribute or an original audio recording (your loved one singing or talking, for example) can normally be added to the service FOC.

Please ask for more information.



Using Your Phone as a Scanner

​Taking a picture whilst holding your phone nearly always distorts the picture. This method avoids the problem.

  1. find a glass or similar object that you can balance your phone on. Try to do this in daylight . Watch out for reflections and shadows. Turn your phone onto camera mode. Place each photo under the phone - the image will appear on the screen. Zoom if needed. Take the picture.

  2. Check against the original - if you're happy take the next picture.

  3. Pictures can be sent at this stage or...

  4. If you want to crop the picture do so. Then send via text, email or WhatsApp.

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